Best Light Therapy Lamps for 2019

In the present time all are busy in their daily life, and due to this thing, some of the people are suffering from depression as we know that depression is of some types and seasonal affective disorder is one of them. It is a common problem which is faced by a person, and it is also known as winter blues.

It is the type of depression in which decreased the time of the sunshine in the season of winter and autumn. If you are going to take the , then you have to purchase the lightbox which is the part of the depression. To make the right choice you have to consider some of the following things which we are going to discuss below.

  • Light intensity

The first thing is that which you will consider, and that is the intensity of light. You have to make sure that you are comfortable with that light when you are taking that treatment.

  • Blue light

In most of the research that blue light with the perfect range gives you the practical result in the depression and the seasonal affective disorder as compared to the white light. Sometimes blue light may because the harmful effects to your eyes that’s why you don’t look directly.

  • Filter UV light

The third thing which you have to consider and that is the UV light of the lightbox. As we know that if you are going to take the light therapy, then it is mostly designed with the UV light. But it can cause the skin and eye damage.

Always look at that lightbox that releases the UV light at the high intensity. If you are not sure, then you can contact the manufacturer for getting the information about safety.